Astra sends webhooks whenever there is a status update for a Card.

Card Created


The card_created webhook is currently in development. This webhook will fire whenever a new card is created.

Card Updated

Fired when the status of a Card has changed.

ParameterData TypeDescription
webhook_idstringThe unique ID of the webhook event
user_idstringThe unique ID of the User
resource_idstringThe unique ID of the Resource (Card ID)


  "webhook_type": "card_updated",
  "webhook_id": "364f57aa-47dd-461b-8df4-d6388fb2d05e",
  "user_id": "WV9Zwexqw7Tqk8nox5dBSe993dEBqGulDlnNA",
  "resource_id": "fc531Dc5-2089-4c9b-ac07-b7e4228fa91c"