Below, you'll find explanations for some common error responses you may encounter while integrating in our Sandbox:

Invalid client_id
This means the client_id for the given API request is incorrect. It’s possible that you or a team member have created more than one Sandbox client and are using the wrong client_id. Alternatively, you may have entered your client_id incorrectly, or you may be using the wrong string altogether. To locate your client_id, visit and navigate to the Dashboard tab. Your client_id will be located in the Keys section.

The specified user has not authorized this OAuth Client
This occurs when the end-user confirms their SMS code, but they haven’t completed the OAuth flow. Either the User confirmed the SMS code and then abandoned, or they clicked Authorize but the app did not successfully exchange the auth_code for an access_token via API.

P2P transfer not allowed for this source and destination
This means your Sandbox Client is not configured for Peer-to-Peer transfers. Please contact Astra to have this configuration enabled.

Account Already Exists
This means the processor_token for the given account is already registered in our system. In the sandbox environment, processor_tokens all have the same account and routing numbers so you can only connect one checking and one savings if you're using the default plaid configurations. One alternative is to create custom connection profiles in Plaid: