A User is the data model for the end user of your application.

Users are strongly linked to the Authorization endpoints. Once created, all subsequent requests must include the access_token for the authenticated User.

If an end-user does not have a User profile yet, there are two ways to create a User:

  1. Send the end-user to the OAuth Link found in the developer dashboard
  2. Create the User in the background through our API using a User Intent and then send the end-user to the OAuth Link

For the first option, the Astra OAuth module will collect all necessary profile information and handle the status of the User. This is the simplest integration and does not require your application to send any data via API beforehand.

For the second option, the end-user will only have to verify their email address and authorize your application through the OAuth Link. The URL must include User Intent ID and email as parameters. This option can reduce the number of steps your end-user must take before creating a Routine or Transfer.