A Transfer is a simple, universal description of the routing of funds between Accounts.

Transfers abstract the complexity of this routing, and may contain one or more children elements that compose the full path between accounts. Transfers are the result of a triggered and successfully processed Routine.

The Transfer Object

ParameterData TypeDescription
idstringThe unique ID of the Transfer
routine_typestringThe type of parent Routine (one-time, percentage-based, percentage-balance, recurring, refill, round-up, sweep, fifty-two-week)
routine_namestringThe name given for the parent Routine
routine_idstringThe unique ID for the parent Routine
source_idstringThe ID of the Source Account
destination_idstringThe ID of the Destination Account
amountfloatThe amount of the Transfer
payment_typestringThe type of payment (ach, debit, ledger)
initiateddateThe date the Transfer started processing
updateddateThe date the Transfer status was last updated
estimated_clearing_datedateThe date the Transfer is estimated to clear to the destination account (at the time it is initiated)
statusstringThe status of the Transfer (pending, cancelled, processed, failed)


Note that processed means that the transfer has completed and the funds have cleared and settled in the destination account.