When creating/retrieving a Routine, Astra will return a status field to describe the current state.

requires_user_verificationThe user is either in pending, retry, or document state. In order for the routine to run, the user needs to be in approved state.
pending_account_authorizationThe source or destination bank account has not been authorized for use with transfers yet.
user_suspendedUser has been suspended. The routine will be blocked from becoming active.
activeThe routine will run when triggered.
inactiveThe routine has been paused.
cancelledThe routine was cancelled by the user or Astra admin. (only one-time routines)
failedThe associated transfer failed, resulting in a failed routine. (only one-time routines)
completedThe full scope of the routine has been completed and will not run. (only applies to one-time and fifty-two-week routines)


A one-time Routine with a failed or user_suspended status will never change to active. A one-time Routine with the status pending_account_authorization will change to active if the source or destination account is authorized for use within 7 days of the Routine start date.